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NetherRealm Studios Kicks Off Champions Arena beta in Injustice 2 Mobile

NeatherRealm Studios has introduced the Champions Arena beta, a new asynchronous PVP mode in Injustice 2 Mobile specifically designed for end game and elite players to test their mettle in head-to-head combat.

The Champions Arena qualifying rounds have now begun, and players level 60 and above must compete against other players to secure a starting placement in one of seven Divisions, with Division 1 being the highest – and offering the best rewards. The qualifying rounds will last for 11 days and each round will be 23 hours.

After the qualifying rounds are complete, each regular Champions Arena season will last for 7 days and each division will have its own respective leader boards with no more than 100 players. Some players within a Division will be promoted, some will remain, and some will be demoted.

Champions Arena will pit your entire character roster against your opponents, so players will need to be especially strategic with their formations to navigate matchups and counter-matchups:

Offence: Players can choose 3 offensive Heroes to challenge opponents who are 3 ranks above or below their current placement. Each Hero can only be used on the offence squad once every 12 hours. Energy Tank tokens may also be used to refresh your offensive squad, but they are rare, so players must deploy their Heroes wisely.

Defence: Players must create a team of 9 Heroes to defend their rank when opponents challenge them. New heroes with powerful defensive capabilities will also be introduced to shake up the meta.

The ultimate goal of Champions Arena is to be promoted to the next Division at the end of each season. Aside from prestige, players will be able to earn greater rewards depending on their Division and personal rank:

Class Shards: These new rewards are exclusive to the Champions Arena and can be applied to unlocked Heroes that match their class, except legendary.Prismatic Shards: Can be applied to any Hero, except legendary.

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