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Mystery of England's Glowing Lycan Finally Revealed

Ownership of England’s most mysterious new hillside figure is claimed by Capcom to celebrate the launch of Resident Evil™ Village

Following a week of speculation surrounding England’s latest hillside artwork, the mystery is finally uncovered since it appeared in a ribbon of light seven days ago. The 58m high and over 100m long ‘Lycan’ installation, spotted by visitors and passers-by over the Bank Holiday weekend, has been claimed by Capcom to celebrate today’s launch of Resident Evil™ Village, the latest entry in the genre-defining survival horror video game franchise.

The imposing creature, bearing some of the hallmarks of the countries historic and mystical chalk figures, was created in less than 24 hours. The giant installation appeared in a glow mysteriously overnight, nestled between some of the UK’s most secluded villages in Somerset on the Blackdown Hills. The artwork was created in the dead of night to depict one of the new terrifying enemies in Resident Evil Village. The ‘Lycan,’ known for possessing superior strength, reflexes and speed, has become the most terrifying addition to over 50 chalk figures scattered across the English countryside.

The ‘Lycan’ artwork, positioned amongst the rolling hillsides and rural communities, mirrors the all-new storyline of the latest game as it follows protagonist Ethan as he seeks to uncover the mysterious new horrors that plague a once peaceful village. Ethan will face off against many threats such as fast-moving creatures that relentlessly stalk him, each desperate battle for survival intertwined with moments of calm as players wonder what new horrors await…

Tsuyoshi Kanda, Producer of Resident Evil Village at Capcom says, “The Resident Evil series celebrated its 25th anniversary in March 2021. It established the brand-new genre of “survival horror” in 1990. Since then, Resident Evil as a brand has really saturated the globe and created fans even among those who have never played the games. In survival horror games, unlike traditional horror, there is this catharsis from the achievement the player gets from overcoming their fears. The franchise is known for introducing some of video games’ most iconic characters, and has always tried new things as the series has progressed. To celebrate the launch of the latest installment, Resident Evil Village, we’re thrilled to have brought one of the new, most iconic and fearsome enemies players will encounter within the game to life in a whole new way.”

Capcom’s highly anticipated survival horror game Resident Evil™ Village is now available worldwide on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Steam and Stadia. Resident Evil Village is eligible to upgrade for free from PlayStation 4 to the digital PlayStation 5 version and will support Smart Delivery for Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles. Those who purchase Resident Evil Village will also get access to the free multiplayer experience Resident EvilRe:Verse coming later in summer 2021.

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