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Multiverse, Inc. Raises $17.5 Million USD Series A Funding Round

One More Multiverse Will Come to Market in 2021 Following Funding From Prominent Investors Including Kevin Lin, Pokimane, Makers Fund, and Anthos Capital.

Multiverse, Inc., a digital tabletop RPG and electronic entertainment developer, is pleased to announce today the successful closing of its Series A funding round, bringing the total funding raised to date to over $17.5M. Led by Anthos Capital, this latest investment round includes:

  • Venture capital firms Anthos Capital and Makers Fund

  • Twitch co-founder and former COO Kevin Lin

  • Co-founder of Crunchyroll Kun Gao

  • Online personality/streamer Pokimane

  • Co-founder of Oculus VR Nate Mitchell

  • Founder of TSM (Team Solomid) Andy Dinh

This investment will directly support the recently unveiled One More Multiverse, Multiverse, Inc.’s hybrid online tabletop roleplaying game (TTRPG) / video game platform. One More Multiverse is based on the “virtual tabletop” (VTT) concept where TTRPG players and streamers can gather online to play in shared games, complete with character sheets, rule sets, custom settings, and, of course, virtual dice! One More Multiverse has been built from the ground up to support streaming and live play content, allowing viewers to interact with the game and help (or hinder) players’ progress. Multiverse, Inc. was launched by two MIT engineers and a professional illustrator to create the digital future of tabletop roleplaying games from both technical, diversity, and storytelling angles. Their first product, One More Multiverse, advances the VTT concept, making it so users can create game assets and art, custom rules (aka “homebrew”), and even entire game systems, all within a familiar and friendly digital environment reminiscent of classic video game RPGs. Users will also be able to share or sell their creations on the One More Multiverse marketplace, making it the perfect place for current and aspiring indie RPG creators to find a home! “We look forward to working with such experienced and supportive investors,” said Thariq Shihipar, Multiverse, Inc. co-founder and CEO. “We’ve been able to attract top-tier investment from across our industry and beyond, which will help us make One More Multiverse an inclusive and welcoming storytelling platform for players, game masters, content creators, and their viewers across the world.” “This latest round of investment will allow us to strengthen our partnerships with indie tabletop designers, such as our partner Hitpoint Press, which will allow us to bring their Humblewood universe to One More Multiverse.“ said Sara Alfageeh, Multiverse, Inc. co-founder and Chief Creative Officer. ”It is through key partnerships like these that we’ll be able to make One More Multiverse a key player in the Virtual Tabletop (VTT) and video game/digital storytelling space. From top-to-bottom, we have a fantastic team of artists and builders in place, and we can’t wait to show everyone what One More Multiverse can do!” "Anthos is excited about how Multiverse, Inc. can transform a genre that has such a passionate player base but, until now, hasn't been given powerful new creator tools to match," said Bryan Kelly, co-founder of Anthos Capital. "Makers believes deeply in the potential of the TTRPG space, and we're excited to back such a dedicated, diverse team to build a new platform for these games," commented Jay Chi, founding partner at Makers Fund. Key Features of One More Multiverse Include:

  • A unique free-to-play platform that combines elements of video games and TTRPGs in a way that's friendly to new players but offers depth for more advanced game systems

  • A creator-centric platform that center indie game players and designers first

  • Built by a majority POC team of programmers, artists, and writers with experience in RPGs, graphic novels, and tech startups

  • Less focus on rules, more on an engaging, improvisational, fun experience for both Games Masters and players

  • An inclusive experience — centering community practices like safety tools, sharing pronouns, body shape variation, inclusive character traits, and more to ensure a welcoming world for everyone

Currently in Closed Beta, Multiverse, Inc. is planning a Q3 2021 full release of the platform.

More info about One More Multiverse is available on Twitter, Twitch, Discord, and the Multiverse, Inc. official website, with info on their upcoming products to be announced on the same.

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