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The zombie apocalypse in your pocket - Mini DayZ 2 is Out Now for Android and iOS

Multiplayer ‘loot’n shoot’ survival game Mini DayZ 2 deals a heavy dose of challenge to foragers, explorers, and die-hard fans of the genre. Check out Google Play and Apple Store to get access to Mini DayZ 2 for free.

Bohemia Interactive is thrilled to announce the launch of Mini DayZ 2 for Android and iOS, a hard-core multiplayer zombie survival F2P game. Explore a graphic-enhanced 2D sprite world in charming old-school pixel art. With modern shooter-looter and base-building mechanics, Mini DayZ 2 challenges you to venture out into zombie lands, scouting for resources and helping your community to survive. Download and start playing today on Google Play and Apple Store.

In Mini DayZ 2, exploration is essential to survive. Across thousands of maps scattered in 28 raid locations featuring 16 different biomes, each with its own terrain and hidden treasures, you will find the junk and loot needed to craft other supplies and weapons.

New Features:

  • Fight Bandits When you go on Raids - Where there’s great loot, the stakes are higher! Bandits will now guard high-value locations and shoot at sight if they spot you.

  • Use matchmaking or invite your friend to survive together - There's a new map with 3 new Raid locations just for multiplayer. Enter a Raid with a teammate, share consumables like bandages, and revive each other.

  • Skin animals to get meat from them.

  • Meet the Screamer Zombie! - Perhaps not the most pleasant encounter... Screamer can alert zombies around him to go after you.

  • New special attacks - Knives can be used to backstab enemies allowing you to be extra stealthy. With sniper rifles, you can release a devastating hit over long-range distance, and there’s more.

  • New zombie skins and buildings - Discover new military and urban locations, but watch out for the construction site infected!

Mini DayZ 2, is a direct sequel to the established predecessor, Mini DayZ. Both games branch out from the successful PC and console zombie survival game DayZ. Whilst DayZ takes place in a 3D online sandbox world, Mini DayZ 2 focuses at its core on its exploration and raids systems, as well as a base-building mechanic.

Start playing Mini DayZ 2 for free today, available now via Google Play and Apple Store.

For more information, visit or follow the conversation on Twitter.

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