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Mayhem in Single Valley is coming to PC on May 20!

Stop the apocalypse and make it home for lunch - Mayhem in Single Valley announces release date

Reality-bending action-adventure is coming on May 20th to PC

Coming to PC via Steam on May 20th, Mayhem in Single Valley follows the chaotic story of Jack, a teenager who wakes up one day in his small, quiet hometown, and accidently causes the apocalypse.

Players will take on radioactive squirrels, ghost-filled school corridors and the endless struggle to make their hometown proud as they try to hide the fact the end of the world miiiight have been their fault.

The release date announcement comes with a brand new gameplay trailer, showcasing the merge of classic action-platformer gameplay with sharp, expansive puzzles that make Single Valley an ideal holiday destination for players looking for a fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek adventure. Watch the trailer here:

We are also excited to announce the release of the new demo for Mayhem in Single Valley - Prologue. It's the first chapter of the game that features one hour of the crazy squirrel-smacking action.

Mayhem in Single Valley key features:

  • Physics-based puzzles meet fast-paced platforming and action-adventure;

  • Go from downtown to the underground caves and from secret labs to the broken version of reality;

  • Combine different food types, antidotes and poisons to escape and/or manipulate crazed wildlife and bosses;

  • Pull, push, drag, and generally fling items about your environment to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles;

  • Enemies and NPCs have a variety of motivations and fears, use them to your advantage;

  • Portable cassette player based soundtrack. You decide what music you'd like to accompany your adventures;

  • Plane crashes, car chases and making clones of yourself;

  • Oh, and did we mention radioactive squirrels that steal your items? There you go.

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