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Lightbulb Crew has launched a new update called “Sharing is Caring” for Othercide

Developer Lightbulb Crew and publisher Focus Home Interactive are releasing the 4th major free update to Othercide the horror themed tactical turn-based RPG, the 23rd of June, almost a year after its July 2020 debut. The Sharing is Caring update introduces new features as well as bug-fixes for Steam players. The most significant feature is the Seed system, letting players share the same experience. The Sharing is Caring update is coming out just as Othercide is available at 50% off during the Steam summer sales.

“Our community is important to us. They asked for something new for Othercide. And we listened. We based the content of the update on the most wished-for features.” – Anders, Larsson, Lightbulb Crew CEO

Othercide is a turn-based strategy game in the dark and macabre environment of the Inner Void. The player has to protect the fabric of reality from Suffering, using the daughters of an ancient warrior against the most nightmarish bosses. At its release, the game was lauded for its unique art-direction, compelling sound-track and deep mechanics.

The update was announced on Steam:

The most significant feature coming with the update is the Seed system which allows you to play and compare your progress with friends. A Seed is a code (a small line of digits between 6 and 7) that determines everything in a campaign: the order of missions spawned, the monsters encountered and the stats of the player characters. Sharing a Seed with a friend brings comparison and competition to the game. Indeed, new challenges can stand out like who did the best time, which strategy was the best to defeat a boss, etc.

Then, two QoL (quality of Life) features have been added and a number of bugs have been fixed. Players can now rename their characters all along the play-through, and can more easily organize their daughters, skills etc.

“Supporting our games and our community is really important to us, and we try to work with the community to gradually make the experience even better”, said Anders Larsson.

Othercide is 50% off on Steam:

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