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Leyline Partners With Award-Winning Custom PC Builder Xidax To Provide Fantastic Incentives...

Leyline Partners With Award-Winning Custom PC Builder Xidax To Provide Fantastic Incentives to Be Earned in the Leyline Marketplace

Xidax Will Provide Up To 1,000 Coupon Codes That Can Be Redeemed For Discounts on Their Robust Line of Powerful Hand-Crafted PCs

Today Leyline — the nonprofit creating a digital economy that allows people to contribute to causes they care about — is thrilled to reveal an exciting partnership with Xidax, the AMD “Hero Builder” boutique PC crafters. This partnership is the first of several between Leyline and industry-leading companies to be announced over the coming months.

Xidax will provide up to 1,000 discount codes that can be redeemed for 5% off of the retail price of Vendor merchandise. Codes can be obtained through the Leyline Marketplace, redeemed through Leyline points earned by members who contribute to the causes they choose on the Leyline platform. Anyone who wishes to participate can sign up right now for the closed beta at By partnering with Leyline, Xidax is demonstrating its dedication to a platform that can change the way we collectively tackle the world’s most pressing issues.

“This partnership is only the beginning,” said Jeremy Dela Rosa, Founder & CEO of Leyline. “We believe that Leyline is the future of nonprofits in the digital age and it’s incredibly exciting to see industry leaders like Xidax supporting the platform.”

“Leyline is truly a revolutionary way for gamers and non-gamers alike to donate their time to help make the world a better place through science and research,” said Julian Baranowski, Sales Manager at Xidax. “As members of the human race, we should all aim to be the best we can and help in any way we can. The partnership Xidax has established with Leyline will be symbiotic as people with awesome gaming machines built by us can also donate their extra time to saving the world! I personally have already donated many hours of time to COVID and cancer research. Let’s all aim for a brighter future for humanity! GO LEYLINE!”

Leyline was founded by former Blizzard Senior Manager Jeremy Dela Rosa, who left his lucrative position at Blizzard, liquidated his savings, and sold his house to put everything he had into this project. Dela Rosa has since sourced more than 60 team members from various industries and backgrounds to come together and make Leyline a reality. The platform works by creating a digital economy that enables anyone with a PC or mobile device to contribute to the pressing issues facing our global society — including combating Covid, cancer, poverty, famine, and climate change — while earning rewards that include digital gift cards and in-game items for popular titles.

Participants can gain these points by donating spare processing power from their PC or mobile device to help create a distributed supercomputer that can be used to process research data and run scientific computing jobs. However, the Leyline economy also rewards more traditional charitable endeavors, like donating blood or volunteering at your local food bank. Leyline is taking a multi-pronged approach to supporting and encouraging charitable action in whatever way works best for the user, allowing them to help out and receive rewards in the process.

Leyline’s recently launched GoFundMe page can be found here:

Register to be among the first invited to try out Leyline by signing up here:

Follow Leyline on Twitter and Instagram, like them on Facebook, or visit the official website to keep up to date with the latest information.

To learn more Leyline and how you can volunteer, please join the active Discord community.

About Xidax

Xidax is one of the most recognizable brands in the boutique PC industry, made up of a diverse group of individuals that are passionate about custom PCs. The company is also an official partner of AMD, awarded the AMD“Hero Builder” badge in recognition of the company’s influence and dedication as a system builder, as well as being AMD enthusiasts.

About Leyline

Founded on their belief in a compassionate future, Leyline is a nonprofit organization that is creating a digital economy that rewards people for contributing to causes they care about. By connecting people with the innovators accelerating solutions for humanity’s challenges, Leyline makes it easy to make a difference. Leyline strives to be a dynamic, empathic, flourishing, empowered, aspirational, and transparent company that amplifies altruistic causes while using our economy for good, in their mission to defeat COVID-19, eradicate poverty, and solve the climate crisis.

For more information about Leyline, please visit the official website: If you’d like to speak with a representative from Xidax about their partnership with Leyline and why they believe in the organization, please let us know and we will be happy to coordinate an interview. Additionally, if you’d like to talk to Jeremy Dela Rosa or any member of the Leyline team, we can certainly set that up as well.

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