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Learn How to Murder Your Friends and Influence People in Social Deduction Game Eville

Ready to mingle with murderous-intent? Well today, independent developer VestGames cordially invites you to a front-row viewing of “Conspiring 101: How to Become a Master Assassinator” — a devious video overview of the murder-centric conspirator team in their upcoming social deduction game, Eville. Be it the *ahem* finerpoints of stabbing unsuspecting villagers, perusing wicked-wares on the Black Market, or framing alleged-innocents for your own nefarious deeds, there are plenty of ways to be the bad guy in Eville.

Being nefarious cutthroats, conspirators take joy in masquerading as harmless townsfolk during the day, then slip out under the cover of darkness for merciless killing sprees — and they’re looking for fresh blood to join their ranks. With Conspiring 101, VestGames wants to awaken any aspiring-assassins in Eville. Conspirators might be good-for-nothing scoundrels, sure! However, they’re also willing to share tricks of the insidious trade, so tuning-in to a quick lesson of the bloody-basics from a veteran killer is probably not a bad idea — at least if this is your first brutal rampage, that is. After all, even Hannibal Lecter had to learn how to fry people before he could fly!

Check out the homicidal how-to for yourself below:

With four distinct conspirator roles to make your heart swell with bloodthirsty ambition, there’s a part for everyone to play in Eville. You can have a little murder, as a treat — just make sure not to get caught, ok?

Meet the Conspirators:

  • Barbarian: The lead conspirator, particularly fond of chasing after townsfolk that are screaming bloody murder! After belting-out a terrifying war cry that slows their prey, this brute excels at ending the lives of any poor sod that was within earshot.

  • Thief: A by the numbers no-good pickpocket. While the villagers peacefully wander about, this snake in the grass eagerly awaits a window of opportunity to steal their hard-earned money during the day or slinks into homes at night to nab items.

  • Smuggler: Ever yearn for an easy, one-way ticket into a villager’s home? Well, this sneaky reprobate has trap doors leading into whichever villager’s home you desire! Side-stepping booby-trapped front doors is their specialty.

  • Slanderer: Talk about wistfully sitting on a throne of lies. Nobody creates misdirection and finger-pointing among townsfolk with such glee quite like this sycophant. Though what murder-mystery would be complete without a silver-tongued traitor?

Set in a once-tranquil medieval village, Eville features several character roles, each with its own unique abilities, purchasable items, and toolkit upgrades. Stepping into the shoes of either an ill-fated villager or wicked conspirator, players must work through a delightfully comprehensive yet intuitive system of murder, deception, betrayal, teamwork, and eventually, crowd-sourced public executions — hopefully of those with the intent to kill! Combining the most exciting elements of titles like Among Us and One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Eville takes the social deduction genre to exciting new heights.

Eville will be available for PC via Steam in Early Access in 2021.

Keep up to date on all things Eville by joining the conversations on Discord and Reddit, and by following the game on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, and the official website:

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