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Landlord’s Super has received a Paint and Decorate Update.

Please see the Landlord’s Super Paint and Decorate Update trailer here. It’s got a new wave, Ian Dury type of soundtrack too. Worth checking out for that alone.

About the update – Plasterboard all the interior walls of your house and paint them any style you like with all new Paint Set tool. Select from a huge array of paint colours to purchase. Store excess concrete, no-fines or mortar for use at a later date with the new Storage Buckets. Mix paints together to find the perfect shade, or even mix paint into your no-fines to change the colour of your house's exterior. Repair foundations! Apply wallpaper. Fit carpet. Tile your bathroom! And much, much more in the latest update to your quintessential construction simulator, Landlord's Super. For more details on what the update includes, please head over to Steam.

About Landlord’s Super

Landlord's Super is a first-person construction simulation featuring some of the most ambitious construction gameplay ever seen. Mix cement, assemble scaffolding, order supplies and rebuild a home brick-by-brick and nail-by-nail. Take odd jobs and ransack abandoned homes or spend the day at the pub alongside a cast of local personalities and dodgy characters.

Explore the fictional county of West Berklands and plan your actions in a living world around the time of day, major events, seasonal weather and your own wellbeing. Work hard and rebuild the community’s hope or get drunk and cause mayhem at the local pub. Some days it’s better to drink the day away than climb a scaffold in the rain.

Landlord’s Super is available now on Steam for £15.49 ($19.99, €16.79). Landlord’s Super features a dynamic open world, construction and crafting gameplay, Jobcentre, rag-and-bone man, seasons and dynamic weather, boozing and bodily functions, and a warm welcome at The Anchor pub.

For any additional information on Landlord’s Super or the update, please reach out and I’ll be happy to help.

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