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I Am Fish First Public Demo Available Today

There’s one game looking to make a splash in June, and that game is I Am Fish, the aquatic adventuring epic from the fine folks at Bossa Studios and Curve Digital. Beginning today, Steam users can grab the I Am Fish demo and get hands-on with the opening “Goldfish” level!

Join our small-scale hero in making a break for freedom to the sanctuary of the sea. Navigate the busy town in the heart of Barnardshire county, rolling across rooftops and dodging crosstown traffic. The ocean is so close, but if you’re familiar with games from Bossa Studios, you know it can’t be that easy, right? Good thing you’ll have the option to replay the demo to improve your performance and boost your star rating. Aim for a quick time and avoid dying to unlock the elusive five stars!

In addition to the demo, Curve Digital and Bossa Studios are proud to announce their partnership with Whale and Dolphin Conservation [US] [EU/UK]. WDC is a UK-registered charity (no. 1014705) and is the leading global charity dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins. With a vision of a world where every whale and dolphin is safe and free, WDC fights for the survival of these beautiful creatures by ending captivity, stopping whaling, preventing deaths in nets, and creating healthy seas. A donation from the sale of each copy of I Am Fish sold on Steam will go directly to WDC.

"We are so grateful for support we’ve received from our friends in the video games industry over the last 12 months, which has had a huge impact on us being able to keep up our vital work protecting whales and dolphins in some uniquely challenging times," said Abbie Cheesman, Partnerships Manager at Whale and Dolphin Conservation. “Bossa and Curve have thought outside the bowl and chosen to help support our work to protect these amazing creatures through sales of the game on Steam, and we couldn’t be more delighted to work with them.”

Curve Digital Vice President Gary Rowe adds, “Protecting fish is the number one priority in I Am Fish, so it only makes sense to offer a way for fans of the game to help protect these animals we know and love.”

It would be fin-tastic if you’d let your audience know they should make like an Exoceotidae and fly on over to the I Am Fish Steam page to download the demo, add it to their wishlist, and follow the game for future updates!

I Am Fish will launch in Q3 2021 on Windows PC and Xbox. Follow I Am Fish on Twitter for the latest updates and more.

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