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Hardcore 3D ARPG Pascal’s Wager Growing Again

Enter the all-new Boss Challenge Mode to test your mettle

SAN FRANCISCO -November 17th, 2020 | Tipsworks Studios and Giant Games have announced that Pascal’s Wager players will have exciting new content to explore when the next game patch arrives . The innovative hardcore 3D action RPG will be updated to bring all-new experiences to those looking for an extra challenge. In addition, the Giant Games and Tipsworks Studios teams are celebrating one million sales of the hardcore Action RPG on Android and iOS to date.

The biggest component of the Winter 2020 update is the addition of the free Boss Challenge Mode. In this fun and grueling game mode, players will be able to face off against any Boss they have previously met before during their adventures in the base game. In addition to bragging rights for successfully defeating epic bosses, players will also have a chance to enter the new leaderboards to be part of the ranking system. Each boss battle will be timed for rank placement.

Players will also be treated to the arrival of a brand new outfit for characters soon.

About TipsWorks Studios

Tipsworks Studios is a wholly-owned studio of Giant Network. It is located in Shanghai and consists of 30 passionate game developers - all of which are excited about crafting amazing experiences and delivering fulfilling stories.

About Giant Games

Giant is a public listed premier developer and publisher of PC, mobile, and console games. Founded in 2004, Giant Network (002558.SZ) is headquartered in Shanghai and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

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