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Grab your popcorn, don your favorite 90’s era outfit!

The early days of the video game industry were often a Wild West of sorts, where everything seemed possible, and no idea for a game was too wild! In Insert Coin, the upcoming documentary from creator and Director Joshua Tsui, you’ll be taken back in time to that era, where a rogue studio — Midway Games — created hit after hit under the leadership of industry luminary Eugene Jarvis. Set for a November 25 release on Alamo Drafthouse’s Alamo On Demand Digital service, Insert Coin looks at the creators and their creations, including iconic industry-defining games like Mortal Kombat and NBA Jam!

Grab your popcorn, don your favorite 90’s era outfit, and pre-order Insert Coin here:

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Midway Games took the world by storm with Mortal Kombat, NBA Jam, Rampage, SmashTV, and countless others. Led by Eugene Jarvis, an acclaimed game designer in his own right, along with Mark Turmell and Ed Boon, the studio dominated the market with a string of successes. Insert Coin looks at the rise and fall of Midway Games and everything in-between — from the creative personalities who brought Scorpion and Sub-Zero into the cultural zeitgeist to the games that introduced the iconic characters. Midway affected the culture — not just of gaming, but of the public consciousness as a whole. Featuring interviews with the team behind some of Midway Games’ biggest hits, along with games industry personalities, Insert Coin is the definitive look at one of the most important contributors to gaming history.

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