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Go on a Rousing Quest for Adventure in a New Video for Social Deduction Game Eville

In case you missed the news, VestGames, the developers behind the mischievous medieval-themed social deduction game, Eville released a new trailer that provides a close-up look at some of the quests available in the game. These helpful tasks provide a bit of direction to anyone not immediately familiar with the medieval serfdom lifestyle, and a fun way to gain some useful items (and a little bit of coin) to help you survive.

Quests are vital to maintaining (or disrupting) the peace in Eville. Sure, completing them will grant players rewards like coins for the markets, but compensation and boons vary depending on whether you’re a Villager or Conspirator. The “Full-Moon” quest event, for example, lets villagers get up in the dead of night and find a suitable place to hide from any evil-doers predisposed to stick them with a blade’s pointy end. Conversely, the “Fog” event quest envelopes the village in a thick, damn-near impenetrable fog during the day — an ideal setting for any conspirator looking to check off daylight-killing from their bucket list.

Check out the latest video below to learn about the different quests and what they offer!

Set in a once-tranquil medieval village, Eville features several character roles, each with its own unique abilities, purchasable items, and toolkit upgrades. Stepping into the shoes of either an ill-fated Villager or wicked Conspirator, players must work through a delightfully comprehensive yet intuitive system of murder, deception, betrayal, teamwork, and eventually, crowd-sourced public executions — hopefully of those with the intent to kill! Combining the most exciting elements of titles like Among Us and One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Eville takes the social deduction genre to exciting new heights.

Key Feature of Eville:

  • More Strategy than a Queen’s Gambit: The combination of character roles, items and upgrades, unique skills, and a multi-layered map adds a depth of strategy and replayability that other games in the genre don’t come close to.

  • Magical and Maybe Murderous Medieval Aesthetic: Murder and mayhem might be afoot in Eville, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a sunny stroll around town collecting herbs and chatting up vendors. You can even customize your avatar with different skins, outfits, and cosmetic items.

  • The Wolves Come Out at Night: The day and night cycle isn’t just a gimmick, but a fundamental gameplay mechanic; during the day, villagers mill around town, going about their business before tucking in for a nice restful evening in their snuggly bed...Unless you’re the murderer, of course, where nighttime is the right time — to hack people to death while they sleep.

  • Receive a Role, Play to Your Strengths: Eville casts players into different roles with every session, each with unique abilities and advantages. Enjoy flexing your voting power as the Mayor, or setting traps for the dastardly murderer as the Trapper, investigating suspicious villagers as the Detective, or cast doubts and aspersions by talking smack about the other players as the Slanderer.

  • Let’s go to the (Medieval) Mall: When the sun is out, players can spend their hard-earned copper on items and upgrades to help them survive the night — or, conversely, survive the traps laid out by those tricky good-guys trying to prevent a blue-collar axe murderer from doing their thing!

Eville will be available for PC via Steam in Early Access in 2021.

Keep up to date on all things Eville by joining the conversations on Discord and Reddit, and by following the game on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, and the official website:

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