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Get an Early Start to Life With Alien Life Simulator, Coming to Steam Early Access on February 18th

Manage your emotions while you explore alien worlds in this 3rd-person rogue-lite with life sim and survival elements!

Alien Life Simulator is a brand new rogue-lite action adventure game that breathes new life into the survival sim genre. It is the first game developed by Justin Six and artist Bjørn Hensvold for J6 Games and puts you in control of a randomly generated alien life form, fighting for it’s life in a hostile galaxy. The game is set to launch on Steam Early Access on February 18 with a special 20% off price of $19.99.

Check out the teaser trailer here.

Find out more and add the game to your wishlist on Steam!


What is life without emotion? The emotions that your alien experiences will change the way you play. Other aliens will respond accordingly with Alien Life Simulator’s all new “Emotional System”. Your emotions can provide useful perks, but can also hinder your progress with debuffs that may change the way you experience life in the far reaches of space.


Uncover the remnants of a highly advanced alien society. Fight for your life against hostile lifeforms in a fast paced adventure through the stars!

With your randomly generated alien you will explore alien worlds and technology. Discover advanced weapons left behind and tablets with coordinates to other worlds.There are tons of secrets to find, portals to dive into, & deadly aliens to defeat in combat, so start your alien life today!


Explore hostile procedurally generated environments

Discover the ancient secrets left behind on each alien world you visit

Encounter randomly generated AI controlled aliens whose personalities change their jobs, emotional addictions, and how they respond to players

Manage a dynamic relationship system between player controlled characters and AI

Experience the “emotion system” where the player attains buffs or debuffs depending on the emotional/physical state of their characters

Alien Life Simulator will launch on Steam Early Access on February 18. For more information, follow J6 Games on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel

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