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Gematombe - A Puzzler That’s a Unique Homage! Releases April 28th

A Smashing Modern Take on the Classic Block Breaker!

Price $15 / €15

Release Date 28th April

Platforms Steam PC - Xbox - PS4/5 - Switch

Genre VS Action Puzzle / Block Breaker

Today Indie publisher Ratalaika Games, together with Indie developer Route 5 Games, has the pleasure in announcing the soon to be released action puzzle extravaganza, Gematombe.

Releasing on Steam PC, Sony PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch, this one addictive and challenging game played either against a friend or console releases on 28th April, 2023.

Blast from the Past Gematombe draws inspiration from many titles, including Arkanoid, Puzzle Bobble, Breakout, Puyo-Puy, Touhou and many others but creates its own unique puzzle game mixture true to this genre.

Gematombe is essentially a puzzle Vs game. The idea of every match is to ‘crush’ your opponent or ‘clear’ the screen of gems to win. Either you choose to combo the largest amount of gems to send an avalanche of obstacles to your opponent or destroy every gem on the field to achieve victory. There is also a possibility that your rival messes up themselves, but that could also happen to you, so be careful and you will win.

Go Go Go!

Launch the ball to hit and break consecutive gems of the same colour to achieve incredible chain reactions! Maximise your chain combos and clear your screen area of gems and win with a GEMATOMBE!

The Story

Help Pandora, the all-gifted heroine, in her wonderful adventure to capture all the evils that were released in our world!

Gematombe begins in the Hall of Jars, a Sacred place that holds holy and magical items created by the gods of Olympus, this place is protected by Pandora, our heroine. One day, for reasons unknown, one of the Jars fell and broke free the incarnations of many evil spirits known as Daemones. A Holy emissary named Lucciano (Lucy to her friends) descends from heaven and, after witnessing the events, offers his help to Pandora to capture back the daemones and restore peace to the world. But maybe, this adorable little cherub may know more than he lets on.

Homage Gematombe’s colourful, delicate, and charming visuals draws inspiration from many Japan games of this ilk and its endearing qualities draws the player into the game’s ambience.

Route 5 Games, ”We feel very proud of ourselves if people would consider Gematombe a “clone” of many aforementioned games, since it was one of our goals to be considered in the same type of genre as Puyo Puyo and Puchi Charat. We wanted to keep a similar cute Japanese cartoon art style to be in the same circle as our inspirations. Even though we were inspired by other games of the vs puzzle genre, what separates Gematombe from others is unique and fast paced game mechanics.”

In the Mode

Arcade mode challenges the player to defeat all 6 of the characters and see how they interact between each other. Each character has its own goal and route to follow, play with all six of them to know all their stories. There’s even a secret to unlock if you play perfectly!

Practice and Survival modes. Practice mode challenges you to make longer combos and chains and keep them for as long as you can. Survival is the real test of your abilities, you will have to defeat an endless number of CPU opponents, while the ball gets faster and faster. Each opponent represents a floor on an endless tower, the higher you go the harder it gets. Can you get to the top of the tower? Vs mode lets you play locally with a friend in a versus match. Storymode - Pick a Character and start your journey to capture all the daemons back into the jar or to wreak havoc across the world!

…And finally the tutorial mode shows you the basics and also the intro to the main story!


  • Cast of six characters, each with unique abilities

  • Vs console or friend

  • Progression Line

  • 60 levels

  • Multi modes

  • Six campaigns

  • Humorous cutscenes

Gematombe - a challenge that will have you always coming back for more!

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