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Fortnite streaming sensation, Loserfruit, joins Skrmiish for a jam packed March!

Skrmiish, the app-driven community gaming platform is thrilled to announce that Loserfruit, one of the biggest Fortnite streamers on the planet, is inviting her community to play with her on Skrmiish. On March 2 and 13, Loserfruit’s community will have the chance to play 1v1 Kill Races against her. And, on March 9, Loserfruit will be facing off in an exciting streamer v streamer Best-of-3 battle against Reddysh. Who will take the win?

Loserfruit, a popular Fortnite streamer who has more than seven million followers across her channels, will challenge her community in 1v1 Kill Races for a place on the Skrmiish leaderboard and the chance to win prizes.

“In January, I spent the whole month trying to get good at Fortnite. I think I had some improvements. And now I’m excited to verse my community in Fortnite through the Skrmiish app and see if I can demolish them with my recent improvements. I feel like my community could be kinda sweaty, but we’ll see. Go to, register and I’ll see you on stream. Bring it on,” says Loserfruit.

Some of the best up and coming Fortnite streamers from around the world including Cozy will also be challenging their communities to see who deserves the ultimate position on top of the daily leaderboards.

Every day in March, there will be a reason to play on Skrmiish with a daily prize pool of $170. The leaderboards will reset daily and players are urged to keep coming back, upping their chances of winning. That’s over $4500 up for grabs!

Players can create their own lobbies or use the app’s unique auto-matchmaking feature to play against anyone currently on the Skrmiish leaderboard (and within their region) to rise up the rankings.

“After an incredible launch we are super excited to have Loserfruit join Skrmiish with her fans. On top of that we are thrilled that streamers like Cozy and Reddysh are coming back to join in the fun in what promises to be a March like no other!” says Skrmiish CEO, Luke Grob.

To play on the Skrmiish Leaderboard, visit and register. You will then be prompted to download the desktop client and the relevant iOS or Android version of the app. Once done, simply sign in on the app and get ready for your first Skrmiish.

Loserfruit Skrmiish dates:

March 2: 1v1 Kill Race community challenge. 03h00 - 05h00 CST (leaderboard open until 09h00 CST)

March 9: Best of three battle vs Reddysh. 03h00 - 05h00 CST (leaderboard open until 09h00 CST)

March 13: 1v1 Kill Race community challenge. 03h00 - 05h00 CST (leaderboard open until 09h00 CST)

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