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Fight for the sanity of your mind in Paranoid!

It's time to start the battle for the sanity of your mind in Paranoid! The worldwide premiere of Paranoid will take place on December 15, 2023. We invite you to check out the game's launch trailer below.

Paranoid will initially be available for $24.99 on the following platforms:

The game will soon be available on the Epic Store platform as well. The date is to be announced.

The console edition of the game will hit the market in 2024, and the experienced Red Deer Games will handle its port.

The premiere of Paranoid will be preceded by our annual event, Madnight 2024: Horror Showcase, where we will showcase new gameplay from Paranoid, as well as new materials from our upcoming projects.

Make sure to add Paranoid to your wishlist on Steam so you don't miss any updates about the game:

Wishlist Paranoid on Steam

Wishlist Paranoid on GOG.COM

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