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Endless™ Dungeon Early Unlock Out Now On PC & Console

Early Unlock starts today for all owners of the Last Wish Edition. Owners of the Standard Edition will get to enjoy rogue-lite antics and tactical mayhem starting October 19th ​

In ENDLESS™ Dungeon, you find yourself stranded in a mysterious abandoned space station. Your goal is to fight your way to the exit all the while protecting your crystal from never-ending waves of monsters… ​ or die trying, get reloaded, and try again! ​


Welcome to ENDLESS™ Dungeon, our shiny new squad-based rogue-lite tactical action game set in the ENDLESS™ universe where guns, turrets and brains will keep you alive right up to the point that they don’t.

  • Unique blend of genres: Rogue-lite meets twin-stick shooter meets tactical tower-defense!

  • Squad up: Team up with friends in co-op up to 3 players, or play with AI partners in single-player as you attempt to escape the Station

  • Die-and-retry: Yes, dying is a key feature! You will die and you will die a lot. Learn from it to delve deeper into the station as you level up alongside the heroes.

  • Play your way: Customize everything! There are loads of guns and turrets to choose from, and as you progress through the game, you’ll unlock more ways than ever to customize your gameplay.

  • Space Western setting: Dive headlong into the ambiance, music, and lighting of the ENDLESS Universe as it takes on a Space Western setting with musical tracks from Arnaud Roy and American folk artist Lera Lynn

  • Meaningful meta-progression: Customize, run, repeat in an endlessly entertaining cycle of sci-fi violence where each run sees you uncover more of the Station’s secrets, plunder its resources, loot its treasures, and unlock new Districts, Heroes, customization and more!


If you pre-order the Last Wish Edition between now and October 19th, you'll not only get all of the great tactical-action roguelite game content, but also the pre-order exclusive "Dawn of the End" and "Pioneer Elite" skins packs! So, what are you waiting for?

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