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Embark On An enchanting Odyssey In Dream of the Star Haven

Orchid of Redemption today announced that their serene 1st person “giant leap” platformer is available on Steam Early Access for PC, Mac and Linux. Players are invited to share in a co-creative community, helping to shape the development of Dream of the Star Haven as it evolves through Early Access.

“Gaming is in an era of unchecked excess where games keep getting bigger, demanding more of our time, piling on busywork mechanics and often being an assault on the senses,” said Alexander Thumm, Director of Orchid of Redemption. “Dream of the Star Haven is an antidote to that. It’s just a drop in the ocean, but for the right people at the right time, it can offer a much-needed moment of clarity. Through Steam Early Access, we aim to cultivate that feeling in collaboration with a community who are excited both to play within it and to help guide its growth.”

Orchid of Redemption is using this to get back to its core principle of “minimum loveable product”. “We love our debut title Joon Shining and are proud of what we accomplished with it, but the scope got out of hand for our small team. Gameplay minimalism isn’t easy to achieve, it takes a combination of believing in the essence of what you have, and restraint to not just pile on new mechanics if something isn’t working, and Star Haven’s playful and evolving take on gravity-centric gameplay just worked right from the start,” says Alexander.

But beyond just gameplay mechanics, Orchid of Redemption is focused on the atmosphere and feeling they’re bringing with Star Haven, “The industry, including the game-playing public, has been stuck for a long time in identifying games by their gameplay genre. This is slowly starting to change, but only in specific realms like “cosy”, and “horror”. We need more of that and we need that change to happen faster and more consciously, so players can recognise what kind of experience they need at any given time – to illustrate this with an analogy you might not want to drink coffee before you go to bed, and it’s similar with high energy or highly addictive games, sometimes we need to ease off those experiences with a palette cleanser, something simple, light and serene, and that’s Dream of the Star Haven’s sweet spot.

Dream of the Star Haven launches on Steam Early Access on January 25 on Steam for free. 

Head to the official Twitter (X) page @Oorgames for more information and updates.

About Dream of the Star Haven

Embark on an enchanting odyssey in the expansive atmospheres of Dream of the Star Haven, a first-person platforming adventure that unfolds across ethereal islands in the sky.

In this captivating oasis, you’ll journey through a magical and gravity-defying adventure, leaping through a celestial archipelago in search of stars!

The game introduces a mesmerizing combination of a mighty triple-leap ability and a magical scanner, both essential tools for navigating dreamy landscapes.

Master the giant leap to soar through the air, allowing you to explore the awe-inspiring floating islands with grace. The leaping ability not only propels you to greater heights but also enables you to elegantly traverse expanses with spectacular agility. As you progress further, gravity itself bends to your will, giving you the power to turn the dreamlike world upside-down.

Discover the stars scattered across the islands using the magical scanner which aids you in locating the hidden celestial fragments. As you progress through each island, you uncover remnants of a celestial era. Dig deeper into the game to discover the 100 secret Starbursts hidden in mini-quests within each level.

Immerse yourself in a unique blend of soothing exploration, graceful platforming, and a dreamy atmosphere. Savour the breathtaking vistas and uncover the secrets hidden among the floating islands. With its emphasis on relaxation, exploration, and light puzzling and combat, the game provides a feast of experiences. It is the perfect game-between-games when you need a break from big, noisy and chaotic gameplay.

Embrace the joy of a harmonious journey as you leap toward the stars and peacefully Dream of the Star Haven.

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