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Doors of Insanity Available Now on Steam Early Access

Trapped in the unending, monster-infested corridors of horror that is Purgatory, what is a hero to do? Wear their finest armor, brandish their strongest weapons, call upon their most stalwart allies, and charge into the heart of darkness, all in order to... die.

Then come back—every bit as determined, every bit as brave, but now with new upgrades in hand to kick even more ass.

Engage in a brutally difficult, card-slinging RPG journey across the brightly colored halls of Purgatory. Create your character then customize them on the fly with the various weapons, armor, and artifacts lying around Purgatory. Find allies as powerful as they are annoying. Obtain incredibly powerful cards that change how you approach your strategy. Put them to the test against the many enemies and dangerous events that wait in every room. Die on the steps to paradise, but use your hard won experience to develop your character for your next attempt! Chaos, madness, and loot that leads to unintentional cosplay await behind the Doors of Insanity!

Key Features

  • Create and upgrade a unique character

  • Summon awesome allies including Shield Beaters, Wizards, and Demonic Bugs! 

  • Wield a variety of magic weapons such as the powerful Sword of The Three Saints and the slightly less-powerful Dad's Hammer 

  • Travel through 4 huge areas that hold more than 40 doors, each hiding their own enemies, encounters, and secrets.

  • Engage in dozens of encounters behind the doors of insanity! 

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