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Discover the trailer of the new game by the creator of Agony and Succubus. [Warning Graphic Content]

Tormentor will be a horror game, which allows players to perform a torturer's role. By managing a prison that has been vacant for years, the main character fights against a growing mental illness. To get more doses of the experimental drug, players will have to show creativity in torturing their victims to gather as many spectators as possible during live-streams on the dark web.

Designed for Next Generation From the beginning, the game is designed for the next generation of devices. Using technologies such as raytracing unusually, Tormentor will allow players to look at the world of the game and the possibilities it offers.

Create your victims The Tormentor will allow players to create the perfect victims for their prisons using an extensive character editor. Players will not only be able to create the perfect victim. They will also build their character card, choose the tone of voice and behavioral patterns.

Main Features

  • Expansion of the prison with new instruments of torture

  • Extensive character editor for creating new victims

  • Video transmission equipment

  • Organizing a hunt for yourself

  • Brutal executions

  • Fighting and sneaking in TPP mode

  • Receiving donations and new victims from sponsors

About the Creator

I have been working as CEO of Madmind Studio for more than 5 years, assisting and supervising our games' production. I am the originator of Madmind's flagship titles such as AGONY UNRATED and SUCCUBUS. I decided to present a new IP, independent from Madmind Studio, while still staying at my original company.

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