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Dazzling Neon Hues and a Chill Soundtrack Await in Lax Puzzler Triversal — Coming Soon (PC)

After a stressful work week rife with burdensome paperwork, there’s no better way to do away with worldly concerns than by solving some ethereal brain teasers in Triversal, the neon-illuminated puzzle experience from indie developer Phantom Compass. It won’t be long before you can take in the chill vibes, either, as this 2021 NYX award-winning puzzler is heading to Windows PC via Steam on July 13!

In anticipation of its upcoming release, the team at Phantom Compass presents two new “explainer” videos that go over what to expect from some of the features that will provide hours of endless fun: the Daily Puzzles and Puzzle Packs.

No matter what sort of challenge you’re in for, chill-meets-challenge is what Triversal is all about. Be it through the super-lax Puzzle Pack mode full of hundreds of puzzles for beginners where failure isn’t a thing, or the slightly-tougher Daily Puzzles mode that introduces a new puzzle daily where “Game Over” is certainly possible.

For a brief tutorial on Puzzle Packs, check out the “Explainer” video here:

For a closer look at Daily Puzzles, watch the “Explainer” video here:

The basic concept behind Triversal is simple — to progress to the next level, players must get a glowing token to sit firmly above a black hole. To do this, players will attach “tethers'' to the token — flexible streams of light that pull it in one direction. Finding the right sequence of tethers to get that orb exactly where it needs to go is where the challenge begins. What begins with a gentle learning curve becomes progressively more difficult, as more and more tether anchors appear on screen along with bonus coins that can be used to purchase helpful items, modifiers, and even more flexible nodes that move when connections are made. For streamers that would like to invite their audience to join in on the fun, there’s the super handy “Streamer Assist feature” that allows viewers to chime in and offer helpful tips with an on-screen overlay.

Key Features of Triversal:

  • A Relaxing Challenge: Triversal is the perfect game to stimulate the mind without overwhelming it, providing a fun challenge wrapped in a soothing, colorful package.

  • Play How You Want to Play: Triversal can be played with full-controller support, mouse + keyboard (with Streamer Assist enabled), touch, and is also compatible with remote play on tv, phone, or tablet.

  • Elegant Simplicity: Tether the glowing orb to the colorful shape, ensure it lands in the correct spot, and move on to the next level! A simple concept with surprising depth, Triversal offers a perfect balance for people seeking an engaging experience that isn’t overly complex.

  • Multiple Modes: Puzzle Pack, Daily Puzzle, Endurance, and Sandbox modes allow players to dictate exactly what kind of experience they prefer.

  • Need a Hand?: There’s nothing more embarrassing than streaming a game and getting stuck, so Phantom Compass has added the “Streamer Assist feature,” an optional overlay that adds numbered labels to the puzzles, allowing viewers to play along in chat by suggesting solutions.

Phantom Compass will release Triversal for Windows PC via Steam on July 13, 2021, for $11.99 USD.

Stay up to date on all things Triversal and Phantom Compass by following them on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates and news!

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