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DayZ Gets A Major Stability Update And Schedules a Complete Wipe of Characters and Servers

A new update and a complete wipe of the servers brings a noticeable performance revamp and a better gameplay experience

Bohemia Interactive is delighted to announce the release of update 1.11 for its multiplayer zombie survival game, DayZ, which is now available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The new update stabilizes important features of the game, significantly improving the overall experience for players. Behavior of zombies, interaction with vehicles, sea fishing, horticulture, damage triggers, server capacity and more.

Check out the 1.11 Teaser trailer here:

With Update 1.11, a complete wipe of both characters and official servers will take place. The wipe is meant to compliment the update 1.11 for a fresh start into 2021. It also secures us a clean foundation to monitor the changes made with previous economy updates. You can read our official announcement on the wipe here.

It’s not just all about fixes! Players will be glad to learn there’s a new weapon to discover; a “badass” rifle spawning at helicopter crash sites around Chernarus and Livonia, the SVAL, which is the Czech word for muscle. In addition, there are new 20 round magazines for 9x39 ammo, which can be used with both the SVAL and VSS.

If you were wondering what happened to the base building contest that took place in September last year, you will be happy to know the winning flag designs are available to use in-game.

DayZ update 1.11 brings important optimizations fixing bugs and improving stability. For a full list of the additions check the update’s changelog. These are some of the changes you will encounter:

  • Fixed various zombie behaviors such as the infected colliding and going through the player's character.

  • Interaction with cars is more realistic, fixing random character bugs when entering and leaving cars.

  • No more strange interruptions when sea fishing

  • Huge improvements to horticulture

  • Polished damage dealing and triggers

  • Massive improvement on the engine script, allowing servers to load more mods than ever before.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, but be sure to check out the forums for all the changelog notes - PC and Console.

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