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Cozy Grove [Review]

Updated: May 11, 2021

Game Developer: Spry Fox

Review Platform: XBOX Series S

Release Date: 8th April 2021

Genres: Casual, Indie

Mode: Single Player

Welcome to the beautifully hand drawn, ever changing world of Cozy Grove. You are a Spirit Scout sent to the Island to help heal and help the Bear Spirit inhabitants get peace and comfort in their final journey in life by tending to their needs and requests. I was so drawn to this title, as a fan of Life-Sim games and the artistic style it is presented in.

Spry Fox have a goal in life with their titles "make the world a better place" and Cozy Grove does just that. Teaches you kindness and patience. They have created it within limits, so each day you have a set amount a quests you can complete, as it follows real time. When you begin you find coins hard to come by, but then realise the effort needed to make items profitable. They want this game to be played and enjoyed, to take in the effort and hard work put into giving you some form of inner peace in yourself. They do not want it rushed, speed run or taken for granted. So take the time, speak to all the inhabitants and enjoy it for what it is a journey. With multiple spirits with their own stories to share.

You begin with a small pitch, you goal is to help the Bears in their tasks as spirits to help them rest. When completing these quests you are presented with Spirit Logs which you feed to you camp fire, after each set amount is hit you will gain a new inhabitant and see more of the island. The island is colorless but with each task completed you bring warmth and color to the landscape. Your tent can be upgraded at a cost and allows you more storage space, which you will need! Going back to coins, you find items need burning to become useful items or taken to craft items also. So you will find yourself storing items to make more complex recipes and decorations.

You also have a Survival Book in which badges are earned for selling a certain amount of items, recycling them or collecting items but with this you also have a collection to add to, in which you can donate every item once to complete the whole collection. For both you are rewarded coins and gems and I highly recommend this.

You are able to fish, forage and create items as well as decorating your island each day you have completed quests, so there is always something to keep you going.

Cozy Grove is my new go to game on a daily basis, this review is based over 10 days of game play and 17 Achievements earned. Can not recommend this game enough, especially for fans of Animal Crossing as it has similarities but also stand aside in its own form.

9 out of 10

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