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Construction Tycoon Meets Business Management Simulation in Grand Casino Tycoon, Now Available!

Use Strategy, Glamour, and Devious Tricks to Attract the Biggest Spenders and Take Your Casino from Back Alley Poker Spot to King of the Las Vegas Strip!

Do you have what it takes to design, build, and manage a successful casino? It’s not as simple as it sounds! Try your own hand at the casino game in Grand Casino Tycoon, now available on Windows PC via Steam! Aerosoft, a prolific publisher of best-selling simulation titles, and developer stillalive studios are inviting players to take on the role of a virtual Sam "Ace" Rothstein as they bring to life their vision for the ultimate casino from blueprint to the strip — designing, building, and operating a deluxe house ‘o cards so magnificent, so opulent, and so enticing that everyone from wannabe cardsharps to billionaire CEOs will want to walk through the doors and empty their pockets.

Grand Casino Tycoon is inspired by classics of the genre, but we’ve taken things in a new direction with all sorts of fresh and fun mechanics,” said Winfried Diekmann, CEO of Aerosoft. “It’s still a game about building a business, but with some original strategy and humorous elements sure to keep players coming back for more.”

“We set out to make a title that took all the popular tropes of the tycoon genre — planning, building, and operating a business — but that was also funny and endearing,” said Julian Mautner, CEO of stillalive studios. “These extra elements of humor and fun characters add an entertaining layer to a deep ‘observe-and-adapt’ business management sim. They created Grand Casino Tycoon.”

The casino business is about one thing and one thing only: lining your suit pockets with wads of sweet, sweet hard-earned cash. But not your hard-earned cash, of course. In order to do this, you’ll need to plan out the perfect casino floor. Make sure there are plenty of shiny, exciting slot machines for your less… wealthy patrons, along with a bar and some easy access snacks. The real money comes with the VIP guests: professional players, billionaire CEOs, and the occasional secret agent. Entice them to drop some dough by building the more traditional casino table games like roulette, blackjack, guessed! Keep ‘em spending with a constant supply of fancy cocktails and energized by delicious meals from top-quality chefs. However, don’t forget to utilize all your security options to keep ‘em from collecting too many chips — the House always wins, after all.

Grand Casino Tycoon Key Features:

  • Plan, Build, Manage: The classic tycoon formula will task players with overseeing every step of the process, from designing the layout to monitoring the day-to-day activities

  • Players Gonna Play: Everyone wants to win, but preferences will vary. Ensure a successful business by catering to every level of customer: slot machines for the basic bunch, craps and blackjack for the high-flyin’ elite — there’s something for everyone in between!

  • Big Brother is Watching: Use security cams, pit bosses, and other manipulation tactics to keep a close eye on who is playing, but more importantly, who is winning

  • Two Different Modes: Not everyone wants to play in the cutthroat world of the Vegas strip; Grand Casino Tycoon offers two modes of play so that everyone can enjoy the experience the way they want: Campaign Mode and Custom Casino Mode

To celebrate the launch, the team at stillalive studios is currently hosting a Steam Store livestream to showcase the gameplay, demo the new content and features, and show off their polished casino-building skills. Now is the time to see Grand Casino Tycoon in action!

Published by Aerosoft and developed by stillalive studios, Grand Casino Tycoon is now available for Windows PC via Steam for $24.95 USD with a special limited-time 20% off launch week discount.

Stay up-to-date with Grand Casino Tycoon by following the game on Twitter and Facebook. Join the official community on Discord here.

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