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Complete your Super Rare Games physical collection with the 2020 Mystery Box! ❓🎁

Our 'one last thing' for 2020!

Super Rare Games has raided the storeroom again to dig out some ridiculously rare copies of some of our most sought after titles!

Missed out on a Super Rare physical game? We've gathered a variety of sold out and incredibly rare games to put together just 1,000 limited edition randomised Mystery Boxes...

Available soon - On sale this Thursday, December 3rd at 6pm GMT / 1pm ET / 10am PT for approx £32 (excluding tax & shipping), available worldwide exclusively at

Mystery Boxes - 2020's Mystery Box is a striking red colour, with future editions looking slightly different to make them collectible in their own right

What's included? - Each Mystery Box includes 1 random game from the list below + everything that comes with the contained game (full-colour manual, sticker, trading card booster pack) + two completely random additional trading card packs

Gotta go fast! - Limited to 2 per person, last year's Mystery Box sold out in 30 minutes, so if you're missing out on any Super Rare titles you may want to act fast


Ultra Rare (5% chance): Q.U.B.E. 2, Fairune Collection, Joe Dever's Lone Wolf, EARTHLOCK, Machinarium, Wulverblade, Evoland: Legendary Edition, The Sexy Brutale

Super Rare (29% chance): Toki Tori Collection, RIVE: Ultimate Edition, The Darkside Detective, SteamWorld Quest

Rare (32% chance): Octahedron, Assault Android Cactus+, Mechstermination Force, Tricky Towers, Graceful Explosion Machine, SteamWorld Dig, Freedom Finger

Uncommon (34% chance): The Gardens Between, Smoke & Sacrifice, Little Inferno, SteamWorld Heist, Old School Musical, Chroma Squad, Dandara, Monster Prom

Please note that these are stockroom leftovers and spare customer service copies as part of the original numbered runs - we never reprint games

As part of our annual stockroom raid and some multi-game bundle reallocated stock, we're also adding additional copies of the following games into general stock:

Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition (Collector's Edition)

Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition (Standard)


Freedom Finger

Two Tribes Collection (includes Toki Tori Collection + RIVE: Ultimate Edition)

SteamWorld Collection (includes SteamWorld Dig + SteamWorld Heist

Old School Musical

Chroma Squad

Oh - and there's 50% off all t-shirts, so if you don't have one this week will be a great time to pick one up!

Everything is in stock, so we're hoping to ship mid-December - please note, Christmas delivery cannnot be guaranteed.

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