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Company of Heroes 2 and Major Expansion 'Ardennes Assault' Are Free to Download (and Keep Forever)

SEGA Europe Ltd. and Relic Entertainment are delighted to announce that the critically acclaimed World War II real-time strategy game, Company of Heroes 2 is free to download (and keep) via Steam from 27 May until 3rd June 2021. For the very first time, players can also get their hands on the celebrated standalone single-player campaign ‘Ardennes Assault’ for free. Additionally, the entire Company of Heroes franchise is up to 80% off until 3rd June.

COH2 & Ardennes Assault Expansion are free forever

There really is no better opportunity for strategy fans to get their hands on this ground-breaking historical title, engage in its thrilling tactical combat and claim victory over both the Eastern & Western Fronts of World War II. Newcomers to the award-winning World War II RTS series can expect countless hours of single and multiplayer gameplay, with the ultimate goal of defeating the mighty German forces and turning the tide of war. Download COH2 and Ardennes Assault for free now and kick off your single player campaign with The Battle of the Bulge, or dive straight into various intense online multiplayer modes and missions.

Franchise Celebration Sale & Free Bonus DLC

While players can download (and keep) Company of Heroes 2 and COH2: Ardennes Assault for free this weekend, the entire franchise – including the original ‘Company of Heroes’ and all other major DLC and Bundle packs – is up to 80% off during the Franchise Celebration Steam Sale from 27th May – 3rd June 2021. Finally, players can also get their hands on the COH2 ‘Case Blue Mission Pack’ for free when signing up here.

For more information about the sale and all other things Company of Heroes visit You can also follow Relic Entertainment on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and Twitter. For more information about SEGA Europe, log on to, follow us on Facebook, Twitch or on Twitter.

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