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Classes and Specializations Revealed for the Dazzling AAA Action MMORPG Swords of Legends Online

The legendary heroes of the dazzling upcoming AAA massively multiplayer online action role-playing game Swords of Legends Online (SOLO) have joined the battle as this week, publisher Gameforge and developers Wangyuan Shengtang & Aurogon revealed the six exciting character classes available at launch! Today, Gameforge is offering a new peek at these classes via an exciting new video. No matter your preferred role is — hang out in the back to offer support, buffing your comrades with inspirational war anthems, or charging headfirst into battle, ready to shed blood up close — Swords of Legends Online’s meticulously designed character classes have something just for you and for making a complete, well-rounded and ready-to-raid party.

Players who prefer a nice agile mix will enjoy the enigmatic Reapers from the mysterious Heavenly Ridge who sweep the battlefield clean with deadly magic and a vicious scythe. Those that prefer a more direct approach will love the brave Berserkers who charge headlong into battle powered by medicinal alcohol. Rounding out the support class role is the Bard who uses an elemental harp and a deep connection to nature to support their allies and defeat their foes.

Those who can’t decide between melee and caster will certainly feel at home as a Spellsword, hybrid warrior mages from the strict and magnificent schools in Taihua Temple who blend powerful sorceries with martial prowess and razor-sharp swords. Or control the battlefield as a Spearmaster who uses lightning-fast attacks and battlefield engineering to become an intimidating force. Finally, for players who like to impact the fight from afar, there is the Summoner, equipped with a deep bond to the natural world that allows them to summon mighty creatures to aid them in the fight!

Which class suits your playstyle best? Check out the class reveal trailer here:

More details on each class:

  • The Reaper: The Reaper is a hybrid melee and support class that uses their powerful scythe and dark magic to destroy their enemies and assist their comrades. With two masteries to specialize within, the Reaper can command deadly curses and a variety of poisons as the Assassin or use blood-magic and custom-bred insects as The Occultist to heal her allies and boost their abilities

  • The Berserker: Kill. Smash. Destroy. The Berserker is the go-to class for players that like to inflict massive damage up close with an enormous greatsword or draw attention from enemies so they can “take it for the team” as a heavily armored tank. The Berserker can further specialize as a shape-shifting wolf (that other players can mount) or absorb massive amounts of damage as the Drunken Master with its specially-brewed “medicinal” wine.

  • The Spellsword: Perfect for players who can’t decide between ranged, melee, or caster, The Spellsword uses powerful magic to enhance their lethal sword skills. Stay just out of range and use Qi-powered flying swords to slice n’ dice your foes as The Sword Artist Mastery role, or get up close and personal and master the secret Bladestorm role and use ancient swordplay techniques to keep your enemies on their toes — until you cut them off!

  • The Bard: Sing a song of six-pence with a pocket full of DIE as The Bard! Use an elemental harp to shred riffs of death towards your enemies with the Dissonance mastery, or hype up your teammates with a glorious battle-hymn with the Harmony mastery!

  • The Summoner: Why get involved in all that messy fighting when you can hang back and let others take all the punishment? The Summoner channels their deep connection with the natural world to conjure spirits and faeries to heal and boost their teammates using the Nuwa’s Blessing mastery, or go the other direction and use Nature’s Wrath to summon mythical beasts like the fox companion Mingshi to damage their foes in combat.

  • The Spearmaster: The spear is the most ubiquitous melee-weapon in human history, and for good reason. The Spearmaster reigns over the battlefield, using range and speed to inflict deadly strike after deadly strike while also serving as the field-engineer, creating useful constructs to aid allies. Spear-masteries include the cool, calm, and collected General that allows Spearmasters to become even deadlier in close combat, and the Phalanx, allowing them to summon heavy armor and an impenetrable shieldwall to protect their allies and stop incoming attacks!

For a better understanding of the skills and story behind each of the classes, check out the individual trailers by clicking the links below: