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Challenge New Bosses and Reap the Rewards in Wizard101's Spring Update

A major update for both new and experienced players looking to continue their adventures together in Wizard101.

KingsIsle Entertainment, a proven MMO hitmaker and a subsidiary of gamigo group, invites gamers to experience their latest update to Wizard101. Players will find new bosses to defeat, new team-based events with special rewards to acquire for all participants, and new ‘Meet Your Fellow Wizards’ socialization features that make it easier than ever to find other players.

"Wizard101 has always been about bringing players of all ages together to explore the worlds of the Spiral. We’re now enhancing the journey with exciting new boss fights that have awesome rewards and new ways for players to meet up." said Leah Ruben, KingsIsle Game Director.

In addition to expanding combat for adventurous PvE players, this update also further supports PvP balance and matchmaking - resulting in better quality matches that players get into faster and thus more easily obtain the lucrative event rewards and player status.

“We're constantly working directly with the community to fine tune combat balance and ensure an equally satisfying experience for both PvE and PvP participants.” - Ben Durbin, KingsIsle Design Lead.

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