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Cat-tastic Milestone: 'Cats & Soup' Purrs Past 50 Million Downloads!

NEOWIZ proudly announces a claw-some achievement in the world of mobile gaming. Their beloved idle game, 'Cats & Soup,' has achieved the remarkable feat of surpassing 50 million downloads across Google Play and Apple App Store. This remarkable milestone, achieved in just six months after reaching 40 million downloads, demonstrates the universal charm of this fur-midable game.

Cats & Soup has taken the gaming world by storm, capturing the hearts of millions worldwide with its whisker-twitching simplicity, enchanting artwork, and accessible gameplay. The game has pounced into the lives of players, providing them with the purr-fect blend of entertainment and relaxation.

To commemorate this momentous event, Cats & Soup presents the '50M Downloads Attendance Event,' where players can lap up various in-game treasures, including an event facility, two limited edition costumes, observatory tickets, and gems. These delightful rewards are available until October 27th, ensuring everyone can get in on the action.

But wait, there's more! In the spirit of feline festivities, special coupons are up for grabs, whiskered away to players through the official SNS channel ( as part of the grand celebration.

In a recent update to Cats & Soup, five fresh travel destinations have been unveiled, spanning the globe from Asia to South America, and even Europe. These additions expand the already impressive total of travel locations to a whopping 25. Furthermore, the game now offers various improvements to the 'Baby Kitty' feature, including travel achievements, purr-fect push notifications, and an even sleeker user interface.

And that's not all, cat lovers! For those yearning to pamper their feline friends and spruce up their furry forests, Cats & Soup presents two new packages. You can now purchase the 'Stone Age Mammoth Equipment Set,' allowing you to adorn your cats in Stone Age costumes and even welcome a mammoth companion. Plus, indulge in the sweet delights of the 'Tanghulu Skin for Snack Cart,' the purr-fect treat to enhance your snacking experience.

Ready to join the celebration? For more information on the fantastic '50 Million Downloads' event for Cats & Soup, simply visit the following:

  • Download Cats & Soup: (

  • Official YouTube Channel: (

  • Official Instagram: (

Don't miss out on this fur-tastic celebration! Download 'Cats & Soup' and join in the feline festivities today!

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