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It is on like Castle Kong! [Review]

Game Developer: Drowning Monkeys

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC

Review Platform: Nintendo Switch

Release Date: 5th June 2020

Genres: Action, Indie, Retro

Mode: Singleplayer

Castle Kong as the name suggests is a nod of respect to the old classic Donkey Kong. Games like this are few and far between, simple to play but difficult to master. That one section, like in the old gaming days you struggle over and over again. What Castle Kong brings is Pattern Recognition, meaning the way you deal with the enemies before may not be the same option the next time round. It can be hard, but fair and offers a High Score Replay System, so you can learn from the best.

The game consists of 22 levels over 4 unique stages. The graphics are simple to the eye, but offers over 1000 colors with a unique Pixel Art style which is hard work and an art in itself.

The basis of the story is of a Pauper-Boy trying his hardest to save the Princess-Girl from Baron-Man. It is available on Steam also, but the uniqueness of Castle Kong on the Switch is you can play vertically. Ideal game for Nintendo Switch and on the go.

Drowning Monkeys even offer the opportunity on Monetary prizes based on High Scores.

Overall Castle Kong is a great nod to the old gaming days, simple but effective. Offering a challenging experience with satisfaction in passing the areas you struggle the most. It is a game we will continue to play in those moments in between everyday life, in the same way as mobile gaming.

Drowning Monkeys consist of an international team of retro games fans crazy enough to try to recreate one in 2020. You can find us all over the world, but mostly in dark lit rooms clicking their lives away for their passion.

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