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Brave Nine Welcomes New Legendary Mercenary Group: Personaz

Two new Mercenaries, Two new Companions, new Campaign missions, and a revamped World Arena highlight April’s big content update

Neowiz’ smash hit strategy RPG Brave Nine scores another massive content update today with the addition of the Legendary Mercenary Group: Personaz. Like the Legendary Dominus Octo before them, these fearsome fighters will change the way players think about every facet of their strategy when they hit the battlefield. Along with the addition of the first Personaz, this update brings with it the start of a brand new campaign storyline, a revamped World Arena, and loads more.

April’s update also marks the beginning of Campaign Part III, where a new adventure begins on Sky Island. Who are the Personaz and what plans do they have in store for our brave Captains and their armies? For our competitive-minded players, the World Arena’s big renewal is finally here, as it was detailed here.

The First Personaz Obtainable By Players Are...

  • Slain - A mysterious boy king who claims to be the rightful heir to the fallen Rotein Kingdom.

  • Slain's Companion Anaduty - Top magician of the Rotein royal family. A mysterious woman who is currently the closest ally that King Slain has.

  • Ledakrad - The other half of Adel's soul was put into the body of a homunculus, forming a new living being.

  • Ledakrad's Companion Nia - Alcetain's female form. Alcetain had been getting better at creating clones. This is the final masterpiece that he created.

Four Years Already!

This update also marks the 4 Year Anniversary of Brave Nine’s launch (as Brown Dust) in Korea! To Celebrate, everyone will receive 10 free recruits for 14 days from April 22nd through May 6th. If you log in each day, that’s a total of 140 free recruits! More free update gifts are available as well, from Diamonds to Legend Scrolls, Companion Gifts to Gold - there’s something for everyone during the celebration.

As always, more information on this update and all the rest is available at

Available on iTunes and Google Play.

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