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Bohemia’s Games for up to 80% off During Steam Lunar New Year Sale

Enjoy up to 80% off Bohemia’s PC games, bundles, and DLC's on Steam from Feb. 11th to Feb. 15th.

The Year of the Ox is upon us, and Bohemia Interactive plans on celebrating the Chinese New Year with some amazing deals during Steam’s Lunar New Year Sale which runs from today to February 15. To celebrate the event, they are offering up to a whopping 80% off on selected PC titles, as well as the chance to pick up all discounted games and DLC’s together in one of the ‘complete your collection’ bundles with an additional bundle discount added to your purchase. Take advantage of these great deals: DayZ– 40% off DayZ Livonia– 20% off Arma 3– 75% off Arma 3 Apex– 66% off Arma 3 Contact– 50% off Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead– 80% off Ylands Exploration Pack– 20% off Complete your collection with some of these discount bundles for even more savings: Arma 3 Ultimate Edition Arma 3 Apex Edition Livonia Bundle There are plenty more deals, so make sure to check out the Steam page between now and February 15 for a full list of games, bundles, and DLC’s on sale. Happy New Year (again)!

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