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Become the Leader of the Elephant Herd in Shelter 3 on March 30th

Might and Delight are proud to present you with the latest game in the Shelter series – coming to Steam, March 30th, 2021. Shelter 3 invites you to play as part of an elephant herd and combines the tension of survival gameplay with the tranquility of a beautiful landscape. In the herd, you need to stay together, keep everyone fed and protect the calves from crocodiles and tigers. What’s more, your matriarch is old and needs your help to reunite the herd – who, she says, are not far away. It’s up to you to help her choose a path to them, sharing her memories and wisdom as you go.

"You'll want to keep your herd close and pay attention to the Matriarch, her wisdom might help you on this endeavor."Sofia Papworth, Lead programmer.

Jungle, desert, and grasslands that are rendered in mesmerizing patterns around you and scored with an enchanting original soundtrack by Retro Family.

About The Shelter Series

“With Shelter 3 we wanted to explore a new shape of family life; being part of a bigger community and taking responsibility for the big and small alike.” Emma Richey, Art Director. The Shelter series is a thriving family of five games: Shelter, Shelter 2, Paws: A Shelter 2 Game, Meadow, and now Shelter 3. While earlier games have been about survival, children, and coming of age, Shelter 3 focuses on community and preserving the wisdom of earlier generations.

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