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Ashes of Creation Shows New Video of Alpha One Pretest

Intrepid Studios has just released a brand new video to showcase some of the exciting content available in our Alpha One Pretest. The video was taken late last week and features over 30 minutes of unedited 4K gameplay goodness. It offers a peek into some of the incredible mounts currently available as well as a touch of quest content, and a smattering of 2v2 “dev on dev” action.

As always, Intrepid reminds you to keep an eye out for more Ashes of Creation gameplay footage taken during this and future Alpha One pretesting events. Developers plan to release new videos ahead of the start of Alpha One in April.

On a related side note, Intrepid is underway with a new hiring spree and is looking for the very best talent in the industry. Interested candidates are invited to learn more by sending along an email to .

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