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Alien Scumbags (Showcase)

About Alien Scumbags

Genre: 2D, Platform, Horror

Platform(s): PC

The ship Nostrami has been incommunicado for 48 hours now. We need you Master Chef with your abnormally sized head to investigate. Explore the dark corridors of Nostrami and remember kill first, ask questions later!


  • 10 areas to cause carnage.

  • Lovingly hand crafted 8-bit graphics.

  • Original dark ambient soundtrack.

  • Pick up bonus' for new characters, guns and more...

  • Find out the real story by collecting audio tapes.

The game is heavily inspired by Doom and Duke Nukem, the character is called Master Chef and is a mash up of both Doom Guy and Master Chief. Retro games and movies also play a big part in Alien Scumbags, especially Aliens.

It is currently in Early Access and several more levels will be added to the game, as well as more story based content. In its current state it offers 4+ Hours of game play depending on gaming preferences.

Purchase at the following links below:

Monster Finger Games

James Ross and Stuart Wright started their journey making games under the Monster Finger Games name in 2013 beginning with games for the Ouya console.

James Ross – Started making games at the age of 15, he loved to play retro games since his first console which was an Atari 2600 Jr.

Stuart Wright – Is a Lead singer of a local rock/metal band, collector of retro games consoles and games.

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