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After Light Fades Steam Next Fest Demo Now Live

Puzzler After Light Fades to Feature in Steam Next Fest

The demo for the award-winning South Australian studio Orchid of Redemption's upcoming sokoban puzzle game, After Light Fades, is now live as part of Steam Next Fest.

An emotionally resonant and reflective puzzle game about love and loss, reconnecting with nature, and letting go of old memories that are holding you back.

As Alice, venture out into a serene overworld, with 7 artefacts your lost love Aura left behind. As Alice puzzles through each world, she carries and keeps the artefacts safe from hazards, until she reaches each special place where each one can be cast into an abyss, allowing her to unfold into a freer and lighter person, one step closer to completely letting go.


After Light Fades is a 2.5D sokoban. It has a rich and magical ruleset with a feast of elements that players can get creative with. Everything from using fire to melt ice, connecting electric circuits, magnets, fire propagation, growing vines, magic mirrors, clones, teleports, transmutation and so much more!


In a tale of grief, transformation, and self-discovery, Alice embarks on a journey after her partner Aura's tragic death in a house fire. Sifting through the ashes, Alice finds seven artefacts.

Compelled by mysterious emotions tied to these items, Alice resolves to visit seven significant places they shared, casting each artefact into an abyss, to let go and find solace. Each artefact represents a stage of Alice's healing and unlocks a realm reflecting its nature.

Feather Fields challenges her toward vulnerability. Glimmer Cove is an oasis of fools-gold treasures that unlocks a deeper grief. The Crystal Lagoon brings clarity but hardens Alice's heart. The mountains of Echo Peaks show a vista of the patterns of the journey-so-far. Finally, in the the Ever-Shifting Manor, Alice realizes the true extent of her abilities, threading a way home as a reality-transforming alchemist.

As Alice travels, guardian spirits recognize her abilities, inviting her into the secrets of alchemy and towards one final revelation that casts her whole journey in a new light!

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