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Aerosoft Reveals ‘Five Ways to Get Filthy Rich’ in Grand Casino Tycoon, Coming This May (PC)

When designing a casino, ensuring your patrons have a fun, safe, and happy experience is important — less important, however, than making sure they leave with empty pockets. In today’s new video, Aerosoft, a prolific publisher of best-selling simulation titles, and developer stillalive studios are teaching you how to make that dream a reality by showcasing “Five Ways to Get Filthy Rich” in their upcoming business sim, Grand Casino Tycoon. Design your gambling den around a few key philosophies — like providing food and drink along with a selection of entertaining (and lucrative, hopefully, for you) table games to keep them eager to part with their hard-earned cash. After all, Bugsy Siegel didn’t move out to the Nevada desert to just give money away.

Grand Casino Tycoon puts players in the white-suede shoes (or snakeskin cowboy boots) of a hard-hustlin’ casino magnate in the business of making money — and friend, business is a’ boomin’. Design your gambling den from the ground up, planning the layout, placing games in strategic locations, and providing enough food and drink to keep the gullible gamesters spending their cash. Keep your betting house free of malarkey with a robust suite of security options and stillalive’s unique “Needs" system that allows players to closely monitor guests’ happiness, hunger, thirst, and most importantly, spending. And for those who want to keep things more casual, Campaign Mode, Sandbox Mode, and Free Play Mode allow aspiring casino tycoons to enjoy all aspects of the casino-management experience, depending on their preferred style of play.

Check out the 'Five Ways to Get Filthy Rich' trailer here:

A brief breakdown of the steps involved:

  • Build Something They Can’t Resist: In order to entice would-be whales into their house of cards (and dice), players will need to design a floor full of exciting and thrilling games and delightful cocktail bars to keep the stoke high and the bank statement even higher

  • Feed Them and Make Them Comfortable: Keep energy and alcohol levels elevated so that bellies are full and inhibitions are lowered; after all, guests need to be able to focus on the important things, like lining your pockets with their money

  • Give Them the Games They Want: The house always wins, but only if people are playing. Build a variety of classic table games and loud, shiny slot machines to attract would-be winners (not if we can help it) to try their luck!

  • Rake in the Cash: Arguably the most important step of them all. Put those money-counters to work as they exchange chips for cash and count up the winnings

  • Repeat Steps 1-4: A casino is a 24-hour business, so there’s no time for rest if players want to keep the (roulette) ball rolling — idle time is for old folks who play bridge! In the casino biz, it’s all about that momentum. If you want to be the top-dog on the strip, you have to put in the work.

Published by Aerosoft and in development by stillalive studios, Grand Casino Tycoon arrives on Windows PC via Steam on May 20, 2021. Add the game to your wishlist here.

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