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A Fresh Metroidvania Title, The Weird Dream, Hits Steam in an Unexpected Release on March 7th!

A Truly addictive Boss Rush x Metroidvania Mash-Up

A BIG Surprise & FAB Tantalizing Release - 7th March!!

Publisher WhisperGames, and developer Shanghai AmberDragon, are happy to announce that their new title The Weird Dream will be arriving on PC Steam on March 7th, with a Nintendo Switch port later this year.

Inspired by Castlevania, Metroid, Dead Cells, and Hollow Knight, among other great games, The Weird Dream provides a brand new experience in a carefully handcrafted fantasy world. You play as a chainsaw-wielding bunny that mysteriously came to be to traverse dangerous but beautifully crafted environments and fight over 40 bosses to uncover the hidden secrets of this abnormally-altered world.

Rush through unique bosses each with their own phases and gameplay challenges.

About The Weird Dream

The Weird Dream is a 2D Metroidvania game set in the ruins of Alpha City. Control a mysterious bunny while confronting Alpha City’s mutated inhabitants. Level up your skills, and unravel the truth behind the City’s untimely destruction. The city holds many legends about the origin of a being only known as the Astral Lord, yet they all share a common detail: the Astral Lord answers sincere prayers and fulfills every desire.


One day, you wake up and realize you're no longer your old self. Long ears, fluffy fur, and a bunny tail... Not only that, the once-familiar Alpha City is now almost unrecognizable and overrun by monsters. To discover the cause of your mutation and the city's ruination, you must embark on an epic adventure.


  • Impeccably Tight Controls - Use a combination of in-game abilities, rhythm, and your own reflexes to traverse a skill-demanding world with controls that are easy to learn and less easy to master!

  • Flexible Character Building - Unlock and experiment with new abilities to forge your unique combat style via an adaptable rune system

  • Fragmented narratives - Uncover the dark secrets of this world by collecting monster profiles and story fragments

  • Exciting Boss Fights - Challenge over 40 bosses. Utilize your powerful abilities to overcome formidable foes and earn more-than-generous rewards

  • Diverse Exploration Areas - Embark on open-world exploration across seven distinct biomes and over 300 intricately detailed areas

  • Mythical Setting - Explore the mysteries of The Weird Dream’s world with over 30 hand-drawn comics spanning 80 pages

Languages - English and Simplified Chinese will be available at launch; other languages incl. Japanese will be available in an upcoming update

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