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Adams Family meets Crash Bandicoot Team Racing.

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Monster League is a fast paced action, arcade racer from Render Cube Games. They are a small team of nine from Lodz in Poland with plenty of experience in previous projects from Pure Farming to Green Hell but now have formed their own team and are bringing their debut title to the gaming industry. I have been lucky enough to have contact with the development team and can see nothing but love and passion for what they do. That being said this game is in Early Access and they have a lot more to come and planned for the title. So this is based on its current build.


It is about time we brought back some good old fashioned arcade style racing and mayhem to the gaming industry. Without mentioning the title, it is highly dominated by our little Italian Plumber friend on one platform. Monster League is coming to shake things up, make this style of game available on all other platforms. It has a later release date on consoles at the moment, but fear not it is in the works.


On the offset the game looks great, some hard work and time has gone into the visuals. From the character builds to the detailed tracks and arenas. They feel detailed and crisp. I am always taken back by how good Indie game developers are coming in strong with their titles. The handling and in game mechanisms feel smooth and enjoyable to play, and I feel it is best played on controller. But some may find their preference on keyboard.

You have a choice of up to 6 players currently, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. From a blood sucking Vampire to a large and formidable beast the werewolf.  For the early work given to you in this early access, there is a lot of options but some may feel it lacks slightly on a single player (Story Style) element, but maybe their goal is to focus on bringing back those laughs we use to have with friends on the couch back in days of old. 

Overall this is a great debt title from Render Cube Games and feel it would work well for the highly growing streaming industry. With the ability to have a lot of fun with your viewers if you choose to and with its stunning visuals and fast paced action it is a winner in my eyes and highly recommended.

There is plenty to keep yourself and your friends busy, a full list of the game modes are below. These are available single player, local multiplayer or online. 


Game Modes




Race against opponents across two tracks, using weapon crates or finding shortcuts to get an advantage.


Score against opponents using your vehicle or weapons in a football style game mode across three arenas. With teams of up to 4 Vs. 4.


Score against your opponents in Ice Hockey style gameplay using your vehicle or weapons across three arenas. With teams of up to 4 Vs. 4.


All out mayhem, an all Vs. all battle to be on top. Using your weapons to defeat opponents across 2 arenas. 

Golden Egg

Across two arenas you fight to hold the caged Basilisk. Every second you hold the cage a golden egg is laid. and the team with the most eggs wins.

Capture the Frog

Capture the flag style gameplay, grab the frog and fight across two arenas to gain points. Team up to 4 Vs. 4, the team with the most points wins. 


Developer(s): Render Cube Games

Publisher(s): Render Cube Games


Genre(s): Arcade, Indie, Racing,


Single Player, Local Multiplayer, Online Multiplayer


Platform(s): PC, Playstation 4, XBOX One


Platform Reviewed: PC

Release Date: PC 26th October 2018 / Consoles Spring 2019


Review Score: 4.0 / 5.0

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